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Metal Free Restorations – Cambridge, MA

Repair Your Teeth without Darkening Your Smile

Smiling woman with metal free restorations in Cambridge

For many years, dentists relied primarily on metal-based materials to repair teeth. While metal fillings, crowns, and bridges are incredibly durable, they have quite a few downsides. For example, many patients complain about their dark appearance, which clashes with the color of natural tooth enamel. Today, most dental practices offer a more aesthetically pleasing solution: metal free restorations. They can repair your teeth without adversely affecting their appearance.

Why Choose Fresh Pond Dental for Metal Free Restorations?

What Are Metal Free Restorations?

Close-up of porcelain dental crown resting on fingertip

Metal free restorations are crowns, bridges, fillings, and other types of dental restorations that are composed of metal free materials. Dental porcelain is a popular choice for crowns and bridges because it is durable and reflects light in a manner that is similar to natural tooth enamel. Metal free fillings are usually composed of a flexible composite resin. All types of metal free restorations are carefully shade-matched to blend in well with a patient’s natural dentition.

How Do Metal Free Restorations Work?

Happy patient at appointment to receive metal free restoration

The process for placing metal free restorations is similar to the process for placing traditional metal restorations. First, your dentist has to prepare the tooth (or teeth) that will receive the restoration. This might involve removing decayed tissue, reshaping the tooth, or performing root canal therapy. Then, if you are receiving a crown or bridge, our team will take some impressions of your teeth to serve as the basis for designing your restoration. In some cases, we are able to use advanced technology to create a porcelain restoration right here in our office so you will not have to wait for a laboratory to fabricate your crown or bridge.

If you are receiving a filling, the process does not require any impressions. Your dentist will insert the composite resin into the cavity, harden it with a special light, and shape it so it looks and feels as good as possible.

Why Choose Metal Free Restorations Over Traditional Ones?

Laughing friends, enjoying benefits of metal free restorations

Some of the advantages that metal free restorations have over their traditional counterparts include:

How Much Do Metal Free Restorations Cost?

Illustration of crown being placed on prepared tooth

In general, the cost of metal free restorations is comparable to the cost of traditional restorations. Their price depends on the materials used to make them and other factors. Our team will be pleased to provide you with an estimate when you visit us for your restorative consultation. Most dental insurance policies cover at least half the price of metal free restorations, up to the amount of the plan’s annual maximum.

Would you like to learn more about metal free restorations? Contact us today to schedule a restorative or cosmetic consultation.

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